Getting Started with your Midwest Soft Wash Rig




1. Premium Rig-overall dimensions 51”Lx82”Wx48”H. Shipping dimensions 57”x88”x54”. That’s the truck skid with shelves design, so the actual base is 51”Lx48”W. Dry Weight 775 lbs, loaded weight 3275 lbs
2. Standard Rig-same dimensions as above. Dry weight 665 lbs, loaded weight 2365 lbs
3. Premium Van/flatbed Rig-72”Lx48”Wx48”H. Shipping dimensions 78”x54”x54”. Dry weight 700 lbs, loaded weight 3200 lbs
4. Window Washing Only Rig-dimensions are 50”Lx44”Wx48”H, shipping dims 56”Lx50”Wx54”H. dry weight 375 lb, tank full 1175 lbs

-Chem Line: P40 Comet pump attached to motor (8 GPM and 150 PSI)
-Rinse Line: 12 Volt pump (7 GPM and 60 PSI)

-12v Batter: Group 27 Deep Cycle
-Hose Reels: 3 Titan Hose reels
-Hose: 250 feet of 1/2' Flexzilla hose (3)
-Tanks: Two 55 gallon water tanks, Two 55 gallon chemical tanks, One 7 gallon
surfactant tank
-Motor: GX 160 or GX 200
-Proportioning: Hydro-mixer XL Proportioning/Metering/Blending Unit
-4 metering valves: Water, Chem, Soap 1 (Surfactant), Soap 2 (2nd Chem tank)
-DI Filter: Tucker T-DI Mobile DI System
-Hose to Drone Connection: Banjo Clips


Answers to common questions about our rig
What pump system do you use? - We use a P40 pump attached to a GX 160, although it
runs the same off of a GX 200. We also have a rinse/water only line that runs off a 7
GPM, 60 psi 12 Volt pump, that can be switched between DI water and regular water.

What type of motor do you run your system with? - We have rigs that run off the GX 160,
and rigs that run off the GX200. Both can run our system using over 150 feet of 1/2'
Flexzilla hose lines.

How many hoses run off your system? - We have 3 hoses attached to our system. The
first is our water intake hose, which is located next to the motor. This line can be
attached to any local water source, which allows you to fill your water tanks during
jobs. There is also a float shutoff in the water tank, so it will never over fill. The other
two hoses are used for spraying. One is the chemical hose line, which uses P40 pump
system and the Hydro-Mixer XL proportioning unit in tandem to decide the percentage
of chemical run through the line. The other is the water hose line, and it should only
ever have water running through it (unless you put chemical in a water tank). The
water line is run off the 12 Volt pump, while the chemical line is run off the P40 pump.
EXTRA: The chem line can run only water if the proportioning unit is set up only to run
water (ie. Not opening the chem line valve)

How many gallons of water can your rig hold? -110 gallons of water

How many gallons of chemical can your rig hold? - 110 gallons or 55 gallons each of
two separate chemicals

Hydro-Mixer XL Proportioning Unit (Only runs off of the P40 pump and motor)
The Proportioning Unit makes the mixing of chemicals and water simple. The easy to
use dials allow you to set up your chemical and surfactant percentages.

NOTICE: Soap 1 pulls from your 7-gallon surfactant tank, while Soap 2 pulls from the
second 55-gallon chemical tank.


  Water Open; Chem Closed              Water Open; Chem Half-Open             Water Open; Chem Open
              *100% Water*                                   *75% Water, 25% Chem*                     *50% Water, 50% Chem*

*If using 12% SH in chemical tank =                       3% SH                                                              6% SH

Chemical Line Valve
Whenever any chemical is to be run through the P40 pump system, you must ensure the
chemical line valve is open. If it isn't open, you will only be pulling water.

REMINDER: Both the 'Chem' dial on the Hydro-Mixer XL and the chemical line valve must
be open in order to spray any chemical.

NOTICE: Soap 2 pulls straight from the second 55-gallon chemical tank, but has no
valve between it and the Hydro-Mixer XL.


                  Chemical Line Valve Closed                                                          Chemical Line Valve Open
                  *Pulling From Water Tank*                                                         *Pulling from Chemical Tank*

DI Filter Valve (Only runs off 12V pump)
The DI filter valve must be open for the rig to run de-ionized water.

REMINDER: De-ionized water isn't ever run through the Hydro-mixer, therefore it CAN'T
be run off the P40 pump and motor, it can only be run through the water hose.


                           Open DI Filter Valve                                                                           Closed DI Filter Valve
                 *Running De-Ionized Water*                                                                  *Running Tank Water*

Water Tank Drain/Handwash Valve (Doesn't run off any pump)
To drain the water tank, or simply get a quick little rinse of water for tools or your hands,
the valve on the bottom of the rig must be opened.

REMINDER: This drain doesn't run on the P40 pump or the 12V pump. It runs solely off
gravity and the water leftover in tanks, so do not open the valve if you don't plan on
using it.


                      Drain Valve Closed                                                                                Drain Valve Open
                    *No Water Running*                                                                               *Water Running*

Battery Charging
The battery charger is located on top of the battery box and it is the only way to charge
the car battery attached to the rig without physically removing the battery from it.


                                Idle                                                        Charging                                                   Fully Charged

             Press mode to change                   The first 12v cell should                      Fully lit green light when
                     charging type.                             be lit up when charging                         the battery is charged

Rig Diagram