How Do I Operate My Window Washing Payload?

C1 Rev E Drone Only



Window Washing Payload PDF

Best practices
1. Try not to clean in direct sunlight because it will cause the water and cleaning solutions
to dry very quickly even if the temperature outside is low.
1. It is best to wash windows in the shade, or when the sun is low in the sky (ie, not
as strong).
2. Water —> Cleaning Solution —> Water
1. It is best to apply water, then a cleaning solution, then rinse with water again.
Getting the windows wet before applying a cleaning solution enhances the
cleaning powers of the cleaning solution and cools down the window.
3. Use clean, deionized water!
1. Make sure that your water is as clean as possible.
1. Do not use a dirty tank
2. Do not use a dirty hose
3. Do not use a dirty nozzle
4. Do not use a dirty pump
2. When possible, try to use deionized water with a dedicated hose and pump for
water and water only. If you previously sprayed other chemicals or dirty water
through that hose and pump, it won’t have as good of results.
4. Don’t allow the cleaning solution to dry on the windows.
1. For best results, let the cleaning solution sit on the windows for no more than 1
minute before rinsing.
5. Rinse from the top down!
6. Spend extra time on frames, as dirt, dust, and other debris can aggregate on these
surfaces and might run down over the window after you’ve cleaned them.
7. It’s always a good idea to ground test the equipment you plan to use with the window
washing payload to make sure it works well before you’re up in the air.
Things to keep in mind while using the window cleaning payload.
1. The injector valve might bring your flow rate down slightly, and using a low flow rate
pump might cause the payload to not pull solution at height depending on the pump.
2. Some nozzles might restrict flow causing the payload not to pull the solution.
3. The window washing payload has a max pressure rating of 500 PSI if you use a higher
pressure than this it might cause the payload to break.
4. The tubing inside the pinch valve might get stuck pinched shut if left in the valve for
extended periods of time. There are extra lengths of tubing in your controller box to
replace it with if this happens. (Here is a link to more if you need it)
5. Using different nozzles might change your dilution ratios slightly.
6. Empty and clean the window payload tank when storing or shipping the drone.

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