Why won't my RC connect to my Sherpa?

How to connect your remote controller to your drone, these instructions resolve the majority of connection-related issues.

How To Resolve Controller Connectivity Issues (Controller will not connect to drone):


  1. Turn controller on, do not open Auterion Mission Control.
  2. From the main blue screen, use your finger to scroll from the bottom of the screen, up.


3.   Then press on the “Settings” icon.




4.   Then select “Network & Internet”



5.   Ensure the Wifi toggle is to the left and gray. If it is to the right and blue, press it to turn it off.
6.   Then select “Ethernet”


7.   Ensure the Ethernet toggle is ON, blue and to the right. Then press the square to the far right to exit “Settings”



8.   Restart controller, then power drone, it should automatically connect.
9.   Always ensure WIFI is turned off, do not turn it on.