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What To Look For In A Cleaning & Spraying Drone.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning and spraying drone, having a comprehensive understanding of the key factors to consider can make all the difference.

Learn what to look for with this easy to follow guide.



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Professional Window Washing & Cleaning Tools (Equipment)

Professional Window Washing & Cleaning Tools (Equipment)

Are you playing around with the idea of starting your own professional window cleaning service? Perhaps you’re looking for equipment for your future cleaning business and want to make sure it’s as effective as possible.

In the commercial window cleaning business, your profits are directly linked with your team’s efficiency. It’s only with the best window cleaning tools that your team can work faster and without any or minimal mistakes.

Below, we explore the basic necessities for a window cleaning company from equipment to solutions, as well as introduce the most effective piece of equipment for washing windows today—implementing drones.

But first, we’ll jump into the traditional solutions.


Basic Window Cleaning Tools


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The traditional window cleaning kit has everything you need to take on large residential and commercial glass cleaning tasks. Here’s the list of window washing equipment you’ll need.

  • Squeegee: You can use a window squeegee blade to remove or control the flow of cleaning solution on the window surface. Choose an Unger squeegee that has a metal frame and a replaceable rubber blade.

  • Sponge: You can use a sponge, washer, or scrubber to apply your cleaning products to the window. Like squeegees, they also come in different types and sizes to help with the job at hand. If required, you can purchase sleeves (either with general cotton, abrasive scrubbing pads, or microfiber) and T-bars apiece.

  • Bucket: An obvious tool, but you must pay attention to get the right bucket. You cannot go with a bucket of any shape or depth. The Ettore super bucket is an optimal choice—it is durable and of accurate dimensions to fit all your window cleaning equipment.

  • Dish soap: It’s best to rely on a simple solution to clean the window glass. You can mix Dawn or Palmolive with water for a cost-effective yet professional wash.

  • Towels: If you do not want lint or streaks to appear after washing the window, you must add towels to your window cleaning supply. You can go with either surgical towels or microfiber cloths. The best thing is they are reusable and help you achieve a streak-free glass surface.

  • Ladder: When you clean windows the traditional way, you’ll need a sturdy ladder. A good choice is to use a standard 3-foot step ladder while covering your bases with a 20-foot Wener extension ladder.


Choosing a Cleaning Solution

You would think you need a bunch of complicated chemicals and solutions for exterior window cleaning, but all you need is water and a mild detergent of some kind. Most industry professionals opt for dish soap.

As an alternative, you could consider Lucid Clear, a solution developed by Lucid Bots that leaves a streak-free, spot-free perfect shine for window cleaning. The best part about this product is that you can essentially clean a window without even touching it, which proves to be a revolutionary feature for commercial window cleaning businesses.

If you own a window washing company, you can simply transition to the Lucid Bots cleaning drone with any chemical that your team already uses! Learn more about the safety features of our drones today.


Alternative Ways to Clean Your Windows

If you’re an exterior cleaner looking to add window washing to your business, you may be considering a host of options, but see below to weigh the pros and cons of each.


Water-Fed Pole


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When cleaning high-rise windows, water-fed poles are safer than ladders as they allow you to reach and clean inaccessible areas. Many commercial window cleaning companies opt for this option since it does allow workers to stay on the ground.

However, a water-fed pole cleaning system won’t be beneficial in washing oily windows. It also limits the cleaning ability of bird excreta, snail trails, paint, cement, plaster and other stains.

Using water-fed poles means that the job is only as fast as you are using the tool. It’s not necessarily the quickest or most effective way to get the job done.


Using a Drone


Cleaning multi-storied and high-rise building windows can be challenging, even with cleaning platforms like ropes and scaffolding.

Here’s where drones can make a big difference. They are built to carry heavier loads (cleaning equipment and fluids) and are a far quicker and more cost-effective option for commercial cleaning, compared to the traditional cleaning options out there today like lifts and scaffolding. Window washers wanting to add a drone can do so quickly and easily.

Any window washing or exterior cleaning team can use drones to fly to the required height and target all these inaccessible areas that need cleaning without putting any of their cleaners at risk. And the best thing is it isn’t hard to fly these drones. Good initial onboarding is all that your team needs to control the drones and conduct the cleaning operation.

Moreover, drones incorporate the best form of cleaning technique to wash windows: soft wash. Unlike pressure washing, the soft wash cleaning method uses low-pressure water jets, combined with detergents, or our chemical solution like Lucid Clear.

Lucid Clear makes it so that workers do not need to touch the window in order to clean it, meaning that you can get the job done more efficiently by changing your solution. Learn more about Lucid Clear and safe window cleaning with a drone to ensure that all stubborn stains are cleaned safely in a short span of time without leaving behind any streak marks.


Safely Clean Hard-to-reach Windows with Lucid Drones

Commercial window cleaning is a task that requires a good deal of investment in the right set of tools and manual labor. The common thought is that pressure washing and extension pole window cleaning is better than traditional window cleaning (using a ladder and a hose pipe), they aren’t efficient. Either they lead to property/bodily harm or do not deliver the expected cleanliness.

The best alternative for your window washing team is to clean windows using drones like the industry-acclaimed Lucid Bots cleaning drone. It makes your job safe, fast, and cost-efficient with features like:

  • Urban flight: To fly safely even in areas with poor GPS connection.

  • Multi-directional spray nozzle: To facilitate upward and downward spray and thus reach and clean hard-to-access sites.

  • Easy integration: To connect with any soft wash pump.

Connect with Lucid Bots today and take your commercial window cleaning business to the next level.

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