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What To Look For In A Cleaning & Spraying Drone.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning and spraying drone, having a comprehensive understanding of the key factors to consider can make all the difference.

Learn what to look for with this easy to follow guide.



Sherpa Drone

The best exterior cleaning and spraying drone on the market. 

Lavo Bot

The Ultimate Surface Cleaning Rover

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Facility Management: The Value Addition of Drone Technology with Lucid Bots

Facility Management: The Value Addition of Drone Technology with Lucid Bots

Did you know that facility management is often regarded as the silent force behind the scenes, playing a critical role in ensuring that buildings, properties, and assets operate efficiently?

More businesses are starting to recognize the strategic importance of streamlining workflows and operations. As they do this, a new trend has emerged: introducing robotics into facility management services. 

At its core, facility management covers many functions. From building maintenance and energy-efficient initiatives to landscaping and property management, the broad scope of facility management contributes greatly to the overall well-being of buildings.


A study by ToolSense indicates the facility management industry is only set to grow.

However, the traditional approach to keeping facility operations with an in-house team is becoming difficult — especially with labor shortages. This is where the benefits of introducing robotics come in.

Robotics, specifically drones, are no longer reserved for science fiction, after all. They’re game changers from the future, offering innovative solutions to reshape your facility management practices with precision and safety like never before. 

In this article, we’ll uncover the transformative role drones play in facility management, specifically from Lucid Bots. Keep reading to find learn about these must-know advancements in property upkeep. 


The Shift Toward Robotics in  Facility Management

Robotics has long been a popular solution for businesses looking to step into the future and grow their bottom line. The strategic evolution of robotics with FM has grown over the last few years, in large part thanks to the exciting development of drone technology.

This decision represents a shift in the priorities of modern businesses. Allowing facilities managers to retain more control of these operations, and keeping your facilities management team in-house.

With rising costs and inflation, not to mention valuable labor being diverted to secondary business functions, businesses today want an alternative, more pragmatic solution.

According to the Department of Energy, by 2030, 20% of building energy consumption can be cut using cost-effective technologies. Enter drones!

Introducing drone for facility management gives a chance to streamline their business activities without compromising on quality or sustainability. 

What difference can drone technology make to maximize your competitive advantage?

  • Drones come equipped with state-of-the-art features that expand the boundaries of building management operations. 
  • Drones can perform cleaning tasks in urban environments where GPS signals may be weak.
  • Collison prevention technology ensures a safe and stable distance is maintained between the drone and the surface in consideration, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage.
  • Safeguards your staffing team, on-site pedestrians, and the property in concern while promising energy efficiency.

With functions like these, it’s no surprise drones are all the talk of FM operations. 


Advantages of Using Drones in Facility Management

Curious to know how the integration of drone technology can drive your strategic decision-making and success? Here are the four main benefits of working with an outsourcing provider like us.

Enhanced Efficiency and Expedited Operations

Using drones significantly reduces the time required to perform previously manual tasks. From routine property inspections to complex maintenance procedures, drones can replace the ‘human factor’ and carry out these tasks in safer and faster ways.

With advanced sensors and navigation capabilities, drones can swiftly navigate intricate structures like high-rise buildings and challenging terrains. Reaching places that were otherwise insurmountable before opens doors to new opportunities, maximizing your facility maintenance. 

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