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What To Look For In A Cleaning & Spraying Drone.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning and spraying drone, having a comprehensive understanding of the key factors to consider can make all the difference.

Learn what to look for with this easy to follow guide.



Sherpa Drone

The best exterior cleaning and spraying drone on the market. 

Lavo Bot

The Ultimate Surface Cleaning Rover

Have Questions?

Is the Lucid Bots cleaning drone easy to fly? The short answer is yes! 

In fact, no prior drone experience is needed. Many of our customers had no prior drone flying experience and they are now flying successfully to complete larger jobs!

If you know how to use a video game controller, then you should be able to fly a Lucid Bots Cleaning Drone successfully. The RC controller has knobs that control flight directions such as forward and backward motion, side to side motion (left or right), height (up or down), rotation (to make the drone turn a different direction), and throttle (speed).

The drone is also equipped with avoid distance quick-select switch, which allows you to choose between multiple distance options while keeping the drone a safe distance from the building, and urban flight capabilities, which allow you to fly safely in urban environments. The drone also has a forward facing radar which can detect objects in front of it and reduce the risk of crashing, as well as fail-safe battery systems. If your battery dies mid-flight, it will automatically land in a safe location!

Sounds easy enough, right? With proper training, you should be able to fly a drone in no time. Lucid Bots partnered with DroneU to provide an easy-to-use, ongoing training through an online training portal. This online training educates you on how to operate the soft washing drone and window washing drone competently and confidently, such as:

  • Battery charging
  • Flight skills
  • Transportation guidelines
  • Safety protocols
  • And more

Additionally, the ability to receive your Part 107 License is included in our training!

We also offer in-person flight demos at our Charlotte, NC facility where you can see first hand just how easy it can be. Contact us today to schedule yours!

Customer Profile: Ryan Godwin, Owner, Godwin Cleaning Services.

Customer Profile: Ryan Godwin, Owner, Godwin Cleaning Services.

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