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Window Cleaning in DC

VSI Aerial's Innovative Window Cleaning Solution for 1331 Maryland Luxury Apartments

Challenges Faced by 1331 Maryland

Luxury apartments often come with stunning views and impeccable interiors. However, maintaining the exterior of such properties can be a significant challenge due to factors like location, architecture, and the need to ensure minimal disruption to tenants. This case study explores how VSI Aerial, a pioneering aerial services company, introduced a groundbreaking solution to address the unique cleaning challenges faced by the 1331 Maryland luxury apartment building on the edge of the Potomac River with a direct view of prominent Washington D.C. landmarks. The location, which is well-known in Washington D.C., introduced an exciting opportunity as the operation of drones in the area [is] subject to restrictions, which further added to the complexity of the task.

1331 Maryland is a magnificent apartment building that boasts breathtaking views of the Washington Monument and other iconic D.C. landmarks. While the interior of the building was immaculate, its exterior and windows were exposed to city pollution, animal droppings, insects, and environmental factors like mold and mildew. The building's unique architectural features presented several challenges:


False Balconies and Rooftop Living Space

The presence of false balconies and a rooftop living space made it difficult to access and clean the exterior of the building effectively via traditional top rope cleaning methods.


Tight Alleyways and Sidewalks

The tight alleyways and sidewalks surrounding the building made setting up lifts or scaffolding for traditional window cleaning methods difficult.


Tenant and Pedestrian Safety

Ensuring the safety of tenants and pedestrians was a top priority, and traditional cleaning methods often disrupted or posed potential dangers to them.


Sustainability and Longevity

Even when windows were cleaned by hand in the past, they would quickly accumulate dirt and spots, diminishing the appearance of the building and the beautiful views from inside.


The Solution

Recognizing the need for an innovative and efficient solution, the facility manager at 1331 Maryland sought assistance from VSI Aerial. Geoff and Gretchen of VSI Aerial saw an opportunity to revolutionize the window cleaning process by utilizing drones despite the challenges posed by the restricted airspace due to the proximity to Washington, D.C.

 VSI Aerial introduced their cutting-edge solution, the Lucid Bots drone, which was specifically equipped with a Window Cleaning Payload. The solution combined several key elements to provide pristine results:


Reverse Osmosis Deionized (RO/DI) Water

The use of RO/DI water ensured a streak-free and spotless finish on the windows.


High Pressure

The drone was capable of applying high-pressure cleaning alongside RO/DI water to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains from the windows.


Lucid Clear Cleaning Solution

VSI Aerial incorporated their proprietary cleaning solution, Lucid Clear, into the process to tackle stubborn issues such as spiderwebs, hard water spots, and set-in bird droppings.



The application of VSI Aerial's innovative solution resulted in remarkable outcomes. In just 20 minutes, a selection of previously dirtied windows by various contaminants were transformed into crystal-clear surfaces. The Lucid Bots drone, equipped with its Window Cleaning Payload, effectively addressed the unique challenges presented by the 1331 Maryland luxury apartment building, providing a safe, efficient, and sustainable solution for window cleaning.

VSI Aerial's ability to navigate the Washington D.C. flight restricted zone showcased their pioneering approach and commitment to delivering results that exceeded expectations. This case study exemplifies how creativity, technology, and a dedication to excellence can overcome even the most complex challenges, ultimately ensuring luxury apartments like 1331 Maryland continue to offer breathtaking views and a pristine appearance for their tenants and visitors.


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