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What To Look For In A Cleaning & Spraying Drone.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning and spraying drone, having a comprehensive understanding of the key factors to consider can make all the difference.

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Revolutionizing Solar Panel Maintenance: The Rise of Drones in Cleaning Services

Revolutionizing Solar Panel Maintenance: The Rise of Drones in Cleaning Services

As Solar Panels Increase in Use, So Does the Need to Clean Them

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for supplying home energy.

Renewable energy from the sun can be used for a variety of applications. It can be used not just for heating water, but also for cooking, electricity production, process heating, water treatment, cooling and ventilation, and be stored in inverters for later use.

With the increased use of solar panels in homes, the need to use the best solar panel cleaner becomes more critical. 

Solar energy systems generate power by converting light. Dirt on the surface of the solar panel can limit the amount of light absorbed by that area, lowering efficiency. Cleaning solar panels removes dust, dirt, grime, and other debris such as leaves and bugs, and helps maintain them in their best condition.

In this article, we will review the importance of cleaning solar panels and how drones provide innovative ways for this purpose.

Why Solar Panel Maintenance is Important

Solar panel systems have a glass surface and are typically made from photovoltaic (PV) cells placed together to convert sunlight into electricity. When the sun shines on a solar panel, the energy from the sun is absorbed by the PV cells in the panel. This energy generates electrical charges that move to an internal electric field in the cell, making electricity flow.

According to solar companies, solar PV panels require little maintenance once installed and can last 25-30 years. However, it is still critical to get regular cleaning to maintain efficient power generation.

Some factors that can impact solar panel efficiency include dust, dirt, debris, bird droppings, water, and other pollutants in the air such as leaves and pollen. If not cleaned regularly, dirt and dust can cause significant loss in energy production, negatively impact the efficiency of panels and increase your electric bills.

The Impact of Dirty Solar Panels

Solar power systems are often damaged by dust and dirt, which not only cause a build up of scum but also impact energy output.

Solar panels generate a current by absorbing sunlight, which is then transformed into useful power. The amount of energy created by solar panels is determined by the amount of sunlight absorbed. And dirty solar panels can become less efficient.

Challenges of Traditional Methods of Solar Panel Cleaning

Oftentimes, homeowners resort to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) methods by searching for how to clean solar panels online and try manual cleaning. 

The methods for manual cleaning can include using soft brushes, garden hoses, water jets with high pressure, detergents and dish soap. 

These methods can help remove some dirt and debris but may not be greatly effective and can cause damage.

The manual cleaning process of solar panels comes with its own set of challenges including:

  • Safety issues: Risk of harm to the person cleaning the solar panels
  • Panel damage issues: Using harsh materials, hard water, and pressure washing when cleaning solar panels can cause damage
  • Water wastage: Manual cleaning of solar panels includes a lot of water wastage when using water jets and pressure washers

The Innovation and Benefits of Drone Technology in Solar Panel Cleaning

Robotics technology now enables us to use automatic and semi-automatic solar panel cleaning robots and drones.         

The cleaning drones can line themselves with each panel and spray it with cleaning fluid before going on to the next one. Their sophisticated technology lets them locate and clean all the tough and hard-to-reach spots easily.

Drones are More Efficient for Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning with drones is quickly becoming the best way for solar panel cleaning as drones offer increased efficiency. 

Manual solar panel cleaning methods can be time-taking and still not yield effective results. 

Drones are faster and more precise than humans on any day. Your team, safely from the ground, can maneuver drones to find dirt and debris and effectively clean the entire surface. 

Using drones, more panels can be cleaned daily, enhancing cleaning efficiency.

Drones are Safer for Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning solar panels can be risky for humans and even put their lives in danger. It's not easy or safe to hire people ready to perform this dangerous, dirty, and time-consuming task.

Drones can easily reach difficult areas, minimizing the chance of accidents and deaths that could result in costly workers' compensation claims.

When you use drones for solar panel cleaning, you don't have to try to reach high or difficult areas. You don't have to climb lift equipment, hang from ropes or try anything too dangerous.

Instead, you can comfortably control the cleaning from a safe distance and avoid putting your life in danger.

Drones are More Accessible for Cleaning Hard to Reach Panels

While some panels are located at convenient places on the roof, other solar installations may be in dangerous hard-to-reach areas, especially in solar farms. 

It can not only be risky but also incredibly difficult to manually reach and clean such panels with precision and care.

But with drones, you get easy access and professional solar panel cleaning of even the most difficult-to-reach solar panels. Drones can easily reach all areas and clean all surfaces of solar panels safely and effectively.

Solar Panel Maintenance is Made Easy with the Sherpa Drone

Maintaining the efficiency of solar PV systems becomes increasingly crucial as the need for renewable energy sources grows. Using drones to clean solar PV modules offers a viable solution to this problem. You can improve the performance and lifespan of solar PV systems by embracing this new technology.

The Sherpa Drone is the perfect solution for the professional cleaning of solar panels for cleaning companies. You can wash, rinse, and repeat on demand at the click of a button.

Whether you’re planning to grow your exterior cleaning company or start a new cleaning business, the Sherpa drone is what you need.

With the Sherpa drone for solar panel cleaning, you get:

  • A way to clean solar panels without touching or scratching them      
  • Improved battery performance
  • Obstacle avoidance to keep the Sherpa Drone at the appropriate distance    

Are you ready to deliver precise and effective solar panel cleaning services? Try out the Sherpa Drone today!

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