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What To Look For In A Cleaning & Spraying Drone.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning and spraying drone, having a comprehensive understanding of the key factors to consider can make all the difference.

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Commercial Window Cleaning: Alternative Solutions for Your Business

Commercial Window Cleaning: Alternative Solutions for Your Business

Challenges with Cleaning Windows from the Outside

When it comes to running a commercial window cleaning service, many challenges arise when focusing on top priorities: getting the job done efficiently, and of course, keeping your team safe. Meanwhile, you’re also focused on getting more jobs and growing your business. Is there a more efficient way to do all of these tasks?

In this article, we’ll dig deep into the challenges that business owners, venue managers, facilities maintenance teams, and window cleaning service providers face, as well as a better alternative to the conventional methods of window cleaning.

Let’s now delve into the two most common challenges of cleaning windows from the outside of buildings:


Minimal safety precautions


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Multi-storied building needs equipment to get the cleaners up high. But not all equipment is suitable for all heights because of the safety aspect.

For instance, climbing the ladder to clean a window without any or minimal safety measures is risky. According to a statement by the World Health Organization, the U.S. is recording more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries and 300 deaths each year

If you were to use a lift instead of a ladder, safety belts and harnesses are a must, but even then, if you don’t take precautions, it can still lead to serious injuries and even death in fatal cases.


Ineffective cleaning equipment

It’s clear that exterior window cleaning requires the right set of tools that add safety with high-quality results to ensure an excellent cleaning job. But even with the best traditional cleaning tools (squeegees, scrapers, dampeners, and a good glass cleaning solution), the question is whether it is the safest, fastest, and smartest method of cleaning windows.

With the time it takes to reach every single window in a building (including ladder set up, repositioning, climbing up and down, etc.), window cleaning jobs can take weeks under the traditional mindset of needing to touch the window in order to clean it.

Modern commercial window washing companies have adopted the Lucid Bots cleaning drone for a more efficient clean that doesn’t require workers to touch the window, or even leave the ground.


Using a Drone Compared to Other Window Cleaning Solutions


Window cleaning teams are used to traditional methods, like using a ladder or a lift, to reach windows at various heights. But as a business owner, there are many factors to consider before placing your team in a dangerous position.

Even with the right ladder, the question remains of how a worker can ensure the safest method of operation that doesn’t place him or herself in danger (and place the company at a huge liability).

Some teams opt for a lift, but as many companies do not have a lift of their own, it would require ensuring that there is a lift available, in addition to the cost of renting one.

Considering these hassles involved in the conventional methods of cleaning windows, business owners will greatly benefit from this alternative approach—cleaning drones. They are a safer, faster, and smarter solution that allows your team members to finish the job safely from the ground.

Let’s take a deeper look at how drones are more beneficial than other forms of window cleaning.


Using a Ladder vs. a Drone


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Cleaning windows on a ladder with a hose is old-school and comes with many safety hazards. Facilities managers, building service contractors, and window cleaning companies are familiar with the importance of choosing the right ladder and the intricate steps for cleaning a set of windows.

With the high likelihood of injuries, however, and the time it takes to clean the windows, it is far from the best solution and hardly worth the time and safety risk.

On the other hand, with a drone, you can safely execute the cleaning operations from the ground. You can easily maneuver around buildings and remove the hassle of climbing up and down the ladder every time you have to move to a new spot when you clean the surfaces. It sets up in five minutes when the battery is fully charged. The Lucid Bots cleaning drone has features that will help your team to penetrate any inaccessible site and clean it meticulously.


Using a Lift vs. a Drone

While a popular solution for window cleaning businesses, opting for a lift is not necessarily the most efficient option.

From lift availability and the cost of lift rental, obtaining a lift could slow down operations altogether, as well as put your business at a profit loss.

To move a lift, it requires driving, setting, and sending people up each time—proving to be very time-consuming, expensive, and slow.

Even further, if your team is cleaning a window on a lift outside on a windy day, for example, it is extremely dangerous.

But as an alternative to this inefficient and dangerous method, spraying drone technology can guarantee excellent work without compromising safety and efficiency. Your team of window cleaners can stay on the ground while the drone leverages soft washing to deliver a long-lasting clean.

Using this drone-based soft washing, you can reduce job site injuries, finish cleaning tasks in a shorter time, and land more projects. Jobs that normally take 5 days using a lift can be cut down to 2 days using a drone.

With a drone you can get into hard-to-reach places and get up to those heights easily, safely, and quickly.


Choose Safe and Simplified Window Cleaning with Lucid Drone Tech

In today’s world, you’ll find a lot of options for your window cleaning business. But not all of them are safe and efficient. Here’s where drones come forth as your better alternative for a safer, faster, and smarter business. With Lucid’s cutting-edge drone technology, you can offer cleaning services that are:

Safer: Prevent high, fatal falls and thus ensure your employees work in a safe condition while you also avoid high insurance rates.

Faster: Complete your tasks in less time and cost in comparison to the traditional methods of cleaning.

Smarter: Find your way to more revenue with increased projects, ensure efficient cleaning workflows, and reduce labor and equipment needs.

Get in touch with Lucid Bots and introduce a safety-first culture in all your cleaning projects with a satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today!

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