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What To Look For In A Cleaning & Spraying Drone.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning and spraying drone, having a comprehensive understanding of the key factors to consider can make all the difference.

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7 Reasons Contractors Should Consider Drones for Window Cleaning

7 Reasons Contractors Should Consider Drones for Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is an important part of building maintenance for businesses of all kinds. Finding the right solution can make a significant impact on a contractor's efficiency and bottom line. 

Traditional window cleaner methods often require years of experience, can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and pose safety risks for workers. 

However, with the rapid advancements in drone technology, building service contractors now have innovative solutions that can help them streamline their operations. 

In fact, Goldman Sachs estimates the total projected drone market size to be worth $100 billion.

In this article, we will review seven reasons why building service contractors should consider using drones for window cleaning to simplify their jobs and provide the best possible service to their clients.

Drones have unlimited potential to expand upon your existing business. Learn more about the Sherpa Drone today.

1. It’s more efficient than traditional window cleaning methods.

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is crucial, and drones are transforming the way cleaning tasks are approached, bringing speed and effectiveness to new heights.

With their cutting-edge technology and automation capabilities, drones can swiftly execute various cleaning tasks, from window cleaning to solar panel maintenance, in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

By streamlining operations, drones significantly reduce the labor force required, saving both time and manpower. Instead of multiple cleaners tackling a high-rise building for several days, a single operator can guide a drone to complete the task in just one day.

This not only accelerates project completion times but also drives down labor costs. Drones represent a revolution in the cleaning industry, delivering speed, efficiency, and financial benefits that are hard to match with traditional methods.

2. It’s less disruptive to tenants than traditional window cleaning methods.

With traditional cleaning methods, workers have to set up ladders, scaffolds, or cradles, which can block access to buildings and create safety hazards for people walking nearby. 

The noise generated by traditional cleaning equipment can also be a disturbance to tenants. 

In contrast, drone window cleaning is much less invasive and won’t scratch window surfaces, minimizing disruptions to tenants and the surrounding area. 

Another huge benefit is that drones can clean windows from a distance without interfering with the normal flow of building traffic. This makes it a more convenient solution for both building service contractors and building occupants.

For example, if you were cleaning a hospital building, you may have to block off certain entrances and exits that would absolutely disrupt the flow of operations (and be an inconvenience). But with a drone, operations are not only halted for less time, but may not even need to be interrupted at all.

3. There’s greater preservation of the surrounding landscape.

Traditional window cleaning methods can involve using heavy equipment that can damage lawns, shrubs, and other landscaping features around the building. 

With drones, however, the cleaning process can be done entirely from the air, avoiding any contact with the surrounding landscape. This is particularly important for buildings located in sensitive natural areas or areas where landscaping is a key feature. 

By using drones, building service contractors can ensure that the cleaning process does not harm the environment while still achieving high-quality results for both residential and commercial clients.

4. There’s greater flexibility in window cleaning with a drone.

Generally, traditional cleaning methods involve processes that can be limited by factors such as weather conditions, building access, and the availability of equipment. 

Drones, on the other hand, can operate in all seasons. They can also access hard-to-reach areas that would otherwise require complex and expensive equipment to clean, especially when taking into account seasonal factors. 

This flexibility allows building service contractors to provide high-quality window cleaning services regardless of the building or environmental conditions, ensuring that clients are satisfied and their operations run smoothly.

5. It’s significantly safer than repel services.

With window washing, more people are using repel services including a bucket and squeegee, which is still not the most safe and can cause damage to the window. 

With drones, building service contractors can eliminate the need for workers to operate at heights, reducing the risk of falls and other accidents. This not only helps to protect the safety of workers but also lowers the liability for building service contractors. 

With fewer accidents and injuries, window washing service companies can avoid costly lawsuits, fines, and other legal expenses, ensuring that their business remains profitable and sustainable in the long run.

Pro-tip: Drones also have their own insurance packages you can opt for with specific covers designed based on the type of drone you operate.

6. There’s a greater return on investment with a drone.

While drones may require a significant initial investment, the cost is quickly offset by the savings in time, labor, and equipment. 

With faster and more efficient cleaning, building service contractors can complete more jobs in less time, increasing their revenue and profits. 

Additionally, drones have a longer lifespan than traditional equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements. 

You can lose money in equipment rentals over an extended period of time, which means that owning a drone can save money in the long run while doing an excellent job of quality cleaning for your clients, resulting in a greater ROI.

7. You’ll be able to accept more residential and commercial window cleaning jobs.

With faster and more efficient cleaning operations, contractors can complete more jobs in a shorter time frame, increasing their capacity and ability to take on more work. 

The ability for drones to replace the efforts of many service personnel also allows contractors to expand their service offerings to other customers, expanding their business overall.

Using drones gives window cleaning contractors the opportunity to sustainably increase their revenue over the long run and scale their business, while providing high-quality services to a larger customer base.

The Answer is Clear—Choose the Sherpa Drone

There’s no room for doubt that drones are the future for cleaning service providers and business contractors.

Are you a cleaning contractor looking to simplify your window cleaning jobs and maximize your profits? Is it your first time venturing into the arena of drones to meet the cleaning needs of your clients?

Whether you’re servicing homeowners or local, family-owned businesses with a physical storefront – It’s time you give the Sherpa Drone a shot.

This cutting-edge drone offers a range of benefits for professional window cleaning, including increased efficiency, greater safety, and more flexibility in cleaning grime from hard-to-reach areas. 

With its advanced spraying technology and precision control, the Sherpa Drone is the ultimate solution for professional window cleaners

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about the Sherpa Drone, how it can benefit your business and request a quote!

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