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What To Look For In A Cleaning & Spraying Drone.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning and spraying drone, having a comprehensive understanding of the key factors to consider can make all the difference.

Learn what to look for with this easy to follow guide.



Sherpa Drone

The best exterior cleaning and spraying drone on the market. 

Lavo Bot

The Ultimate Surface Cleaning Rover

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Why the Sherpa Drone is the Best Window Cleaning Tool on Market Today

Why the Sherpa Drone is the Best Window Cleaning Tool on Market Today

Traditional Window Cleaning Tools and Their Drawbacks

Many people still rely on traditional methods and tools for window cleaning. Although these methods can be effective to a certain extent, they also have certain drawbacks.

Window cleaning with traditional methods and tools includes:

  • Brushes, scrubbers, microfiber cloth, and window squeegees: These window cleaner tools and cleaning cloths are used with window cleaning solutions, glass cleaners, and cleaning products to remove dirt and stains. However, It can be challenging to hire someone to do the manual labor in a timely manner (or if you already did hire someone, to have them return to clean a single window).
  • T-bars, extension poles, and telescopic poles: Extension poles are attached to brushes, scrubbers, or squeegee handles as a part of the window cleaning kit. Cleaning using this tool may not be as effective as you can miss out on dirty spots and stains.
  • Ladders: Cleaners use ladders to reach high windows when extension poles are not enough. Ladders come with usage limitations and safety issues as it can put the cleaner at risk of falling.
  • Rappelling equipment: Rappelling equipment is used to clean windows of high-rise buildings when all other tools fail to reach them. This equipment comes with huge costs and exposes the cleaners to more significant safety risks.

The overall drawbacks of traditional window cleaning methods with manual washing kit include:

  • Inefficiency: While traditional and manual window cleaning methods can prove to be the most effective way to clean a window, it is inefficient and time-consuming when you need a window to be cleaned quickly.
  • Safety concerns: The manual cleaning of windows puts cleaners at a safety risk. While climbing tall buildings to clean windows, cleaners are exposed to the risk of injuries from falls, broken glass, and overloading the cleaning equipment. 
  • Accessibility issues: Even with the most sophisticated window washer tools, window cleaners can face accessibility issues. Tall windows or difficult-to-reach surfaces may not be effectively cleaned through manual methods.

Drones are now taking over the window cleaning industry to combat all issues with traditional cleaning and deliver more outstanding results.

The Sherpa Drone by Lucid Bots is designed specially to deliver high-quality window cleaning and preserve window quality.

Benefits of Using Drones for Window Cleaning

Drones offer a faster and more affordable way to clean all windows at all heights effectively and quickly, unlike traditional cleaning methods. As a professional window cleaning contractor, you can gain numerous benefits by deploying a drone.

The Sherpa Drone and window washing payload combo from Lucid Bots make the perfect window cleaning tool kit. Here’s what you can gain. 


When using the Sherpa Drone for window cleaning, you don’t have to risk your life by hanging from ropes or climbing high buildings. It also removes the worry of deploying heavy and expensive anchor systems to climb great heights and clean windows.

The Sherpa Drone helps minimize the risks of accidents and injuries by allowing the operator to clean all windows from a safe distance. Using the drone can also lower your liability towards cleaners and helps you grow your ROI with excellent cleaning services provided in lesser time.

Labor Shortage 

Given the risks, finding professional window cleaners in the outdoor window cleaning industry is not easy. Businesses continuously have difficulty finding reliable people willing to do this dirty, dangerous, and time-consuming job. This creates a labor shortage that can directly impact the growth of your commercial window cleaning business.

The Sherpa Drone easily solves this issue as you don’t need a lot of cleaners on the job. It helps you deliver efficient results with fewer workers, giving you more space to take on more jobs and expand your business.

Protects Windows

Traditional window washing equipment and window cleaning supplies may not only leave dirt and stains behind but can also leave scratches on the windows.

Unfortunately, while manually cleaning, cleaners may leave scratches from excessive scrubbing, and contact with a harsh tool like a squeegee blade or even a rubber blade. If you touch a window too roughly, you might even break it or damage the seal around it. The best way to care for and keep windows in good shape is to use low pressure.

The Sherpa Drone offers complete touchless cleaning to protect and keep the windows shining. With the Sherpa Drone and window-washing payload, window cleaning is a touchless process. 

The Sherpa Drone uses pressure to create agitation and Lucid Clear to give windows a spotless, streak-free shine.

Success Stories of Drone Window Cleaning

ACN Window Cleaning Success Story

ACN is one the largest direct sellers of telecommunications, energy, and essential services to residences and enterprises worldwide. The ACN World Headquarters in Concord, North Carolina, is a 116,308-square-foot office facility dominated by windows. The headquarters is a five-story, Class B building for which maintenance is typically contracted out.

Window Cleaning Challenges at ACN

The major challenges with using manual cleaning at ACN are the following:

  • The location of the building is close to a highway, which causes a significant quantity of road film to accumulate on the building.
  • It requires constant cleaning which can be both expensive and a burden on their budget.
  • ACN has lengthy operating hours, making it difficult to organize regular window cleaning without causing a distraction during the workday.
  • The building's location is in the middle of an uneven landscape, which makes installing lift equipment risky for cleaners.
  • Every window in the building has an overhang which makes it ineffective to repel down the structure or use a water-fed pole. 

Lucid BOTS’ Solution

Lucid Bots used its cleaning drone to efficiently and thoroughly clean the ACN headquarters without causing any damage or distractions.

By deploying the Window Wash Payload on Lucid's cleaning drone, the windows could be cleaned of dirt, grime, and residue left behind by animals and bugs effectively. 

The Results?

The Lucid cleaning drone was able to:

  • Do the task in half the allotted time while requiring limited workers 
  • Clean ACN’s windows at a 20% cheaper cost than contractors 
  • Protect the overhangs and window sealants while cleaning
  • Clean the windows in a risk-free and efficient way with the Lucid cleaning drone and Lucid's chemical solution 

The overall job delivered high-quality results in a much shorter time.

The Sherpa Drone is the Smartest Solution for Window Cleaning

The window cleaning industry is continuing to evolve and now, you no longer have to depend on traditional cleaning methods that deliver ineffective results and cause damage to your windows.

Lucid’s Sherpa Drone offers the most effective and affordable way to achieve high-quality pure water cleaning for windows.

The Sherpa Drone features:

  • Improved battery performance: The upgraded lithium polymer batteries on the Sherpa Drone provide longer flying periods, allowing you to get more done with each trip. 
  • Improved Pilot Experience: The new drone controller is more compact, has a more ergonomic design, and features a higher-brightness screen that’s clearly visible in direct sunlight. 
  • Enhanced GPS performance: The Sherpa Drone's upgraded GPS provides excellent connection in all areas, enabling you to fly in more regions and expand your business options 
  • Waterproof design: The Sherpa Drone is completely waterproof, letting you operate in all weather conditions.

By solving major issues like labor shortages and minimizing safety concerns, you can take up more projects and increase your ROI.

Grow your professional window-cleaning business with the Sherpa Drone! Ask for a demo today.

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